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Diane Davidson

Massage benefits and Yoga benefits for healthWarmest greetings! My name is Diane Davidson, newest LMT at Indigo Wellness Center! I’d like to introduce myself by sharing with everyone why I chose massage therapy for my career and my personal philosophy. I’d also like to acknowledge Indigo Wellness Center for being an integral part of my process. For over three years I have been a dedicated student of yoga. The clarity and balance I receive from my practice does not restrict itself to the time I am on my mat. All aspects of my life have received the benefits of my practice. The literal translation of yoga (from Sanskrit) is “yoke” or “union”. The practice is an acknowledgement that your mind, spirit and body are one. To remain physically healthy we must also be mentally and spiritually healthy. Each of these is connected to the others; they are yoked. It was from this place that I made my decision to attend Oregon School of Massage, where I learned further about myself and my connection to those who strive for inner peace and understanding. I recently graduated and earned my license (LMT #17602). I feel that my massage career is an extension of my yoga practice, a modality that fosters union. All people have an intuitive understanding of what brings health and quality to their spirit, mind and body. When we follow our internal wisdom, we become our own counselors, teachers, doctors and best friends. Meditation and self evaluation are two critical elements that keep us in touch with our intuitive nature. Massage provides a natural opportunity to practice the aforementioned steps. As your massage therapist, I will provide open and honest communication and respect that you’ve come to me with the desire for a successful and fulfilling experience. On your lifelong journey of personal wellness, I am but a humble guide. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion of balance and health through massage with you! I found Indigo Wellness Center in my search for a local yoga studio after moving to Salem three years ago. Ever since it has been like a second home to me: a place of solace, friendship and manifestation. I would like to thank each of my teachers for being a source of inspiration to pursue my career choice. Dr. Zohra Campbell and Tara McGuire have further encouraged my growth by offering me a place on the Indigo team since my massage training began. Continuing my education remains a high priority. I am a student of the Yoga Works teacher training program that Indigo Wellness is currently hosting. It is my honor to be of service to my community at Indigo Wellness Center!


If you would like to schedule a massage with me you may do so online at or by calling (503) 371-1120. Please check out Indigos fall yoga schedule for our current class and workshop offerings.

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