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Healing Touch Chiropractic

Dr. Zohra Campbell is a great Chiropractor for Salem. She is a chiropractic physician and director of Indigo Wellness Center and Indigo Yoga Studios blends the science of Chiropractic, rehabilitation, and manual therapies with the wisdom of natural healing and yoga to bring you tools for a more effective and complete healing.

Goals of Treatment
To reduce pain and inflammation wihile gently restoring strength and maximizing function. To reduce the impact of physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that lead to verteral subluxations. Improving function is the key to long term pain relief.

Acute Injuries
Chiropractic care is great for ACUTE INJURIES: When a joint is strained or sprained, the supportive muscles and/or ligaments can be pulled or torn. A full chiropractic/orthopedic exam is performed. Range of motion and strength is evaluated and documented. Massage, physical therapy modalities, exercises, and joint manipulation all come together to give you the best possible healing scenario.

Chronic Issues
Chiropractic is also effective for providing pain-relief and comfort for CHRONIC issues like scoliosis and arthritis. Restoring a healthier function to your joints with gentle mobilization can help to reduce inflammation and chronic tightness and stiffness.

Health and Well-Being
In addition to maintaining spinal flexibility, regular chiropractic care is helpful for maintaining spinal health and therefore the health of the entire nervous system and every function your body makes. Well care discounts are available for regular, maintenance care.

“I look forward to helping you find the root of your issue, and helping you find tools to create optimal wellness in your life.” Dr Zohra Campbell

About Zohra:

With over 18 years in clinical practice and almost as long as a yoga teacher and practitioner, Zohra brings a unique approach to chiropractic healing.

Zohra’s philosophy: “My vision for Indigo was to create a place where true healing can begin, and where clients are supported on their journey to wellness. I am passionate about the power of transformation and healing available to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually through yoga and chiropractic care.

“I am trained as a massage therapist and chiropractic physician with an emphasis on rehabilitation. My Healthy Back classes empower people to take an active role in their healing. My yoga classes are challenging, deep and fun! I am availble for private coaching.”


New patients please call Alicia at the front desk @ 503-370-9090 to schedule an appointment.

Cancellation Policy: We are often booked weeks in advance, and appreciate your mindful scheduling.

We reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice. Thank you!

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” I always feel well taken care of by everyone at Indigo. The commitment to wholistic care means that the same body alignment issues i am working on were noticed by sarah at pilates, Krystal in a message session and Zohra in Chiropractic care. Thank you all for helping me be healthy!
-Deb vaughn. Salem.”



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