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Leslie Venti


A physical yoga asana practice has been central to my life since 1994. The first yoga pose I ever did was Warrior II, pointed out to me by a clerk in a health food store in Denver, CO. At the time, I was looking for something to tame my “feral” ways — lots of partying, moves, job changes, etc. Yoga has stuck with me over the years and through my travels, a touchstone. I moved to Salem in 2002 and immediately put down roots after meeting my husband, Dino. My yoga practice has continued to deepen, taking on more thoughtful, gentle qualities beyond a high-energy, tapas-creating workout (although that is my first love). My first taste of teaching began with the Cherry City Derby Girls in 2009. The path as an instructor continues to open up, including participation with Living Yoga, where I am one of several instructors teaching yoga at Oregon State Prison. I feel at home at Indigo and am overjoyed to be part of the team. See you on the mat.


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