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We will take you through the goals of treatment, our membership options, and the important steps to take when booking for the first time.
If you will be going through insurance, please be advised that we are in network with the following insurance companies:
Moda, Providence, BlueCross BlueShield, Employment Benefit Medical Services (EBMS)/City of Salem.  And of course all Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) clients are welcome!

If you are not feeling well or were sick within the last 7 days, please stay home so as to help prevent the spread of germs. We will happily reschedule you at the earliest convenience.
To avoid cancellation fees, we kindly ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
Appointments cancelled WITHOUT a 24hour notice will result in a cancellation fee.  Cancellation fees will be FULL price of the service scheduled.  Your card on file will be charged.  If payment isn’t received after 120 days, you will be sent to collections.
This ensures that our service providers are fairly compensated for their time. Thank you for understanding.

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Goals of Chiropractic Treatment

Goals of Treatment
To reduce pain and inflammation wihile gently restoring strength and maximizing function. To reduce the impact of physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that lead to verteral subluxations. Improving function is the key to long term pain relief.

Acute Injuries
Chiropractic care is great for ACUTE INJURIES: When a joint is strained or sprained, the supportive muscles and/or ligaments can be pulled or torn. A full chiropractic/orthopedic exam is performed. Range of motion and strength is evaluated and documented. Massage, physical therapy modalities, exercises, and joint manipulation all come together to give you the best possible healing scenario.

Chronic Issues
Chiropractic is also effective for providing pain-relief and comfort for CHRONIC issues like scoliosis and arthritis. Restoring a healthier function to your joints with gentle mobilization can help to reduce inflammation and chronic tightness and stiffness.

Health and Well-Being
In addition to maintaining spinal flexibility, regular chiropractic care is helpful for maintaining spinal health and therefore the health of the entire nervous system and every function your body makes. Well care discounts are available for regular, maintenance care.

Our Chiropractors

Dr. Zohra Campbell

Chiropractic care and yoga have helped me heal my own back after I fractured my spine in a motor vehicle accident. Consistent chiropractic wellness care, daily therapeutic exercises and yoga every morning keep me moving, healthy, and full of vitality. When the doctors told me that back pain was going to be part of my life forever, I set out to find a better way- and I made it my passion to find a way to help others.
What I have found from over 20 years as a chiropractic physician, is that most people want to learn what they can do on their own to feel better. What I offer are tools for healing – chiropractic adjustments of your spine and joints, exercise prescriptions based on rehabilitation and yoga, mindfulness and breathing practices to calm your nervous system and natural supplements to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and optimize your health. I have excellent massage therapists on staff to address soft tissue issues, tightness, adhesions, scar tissue, etc. I have the skills and experience to help you-whether this is a new injury, like from a car accident or an on-the job injury, or if this is a long term chronic issue from repetitive strain or old injuries-like my own. I also have tools to help you down-regulate your nervous system which can be really helpful for fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and PTSD

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Dr. Andrew Teller

For Dr. Teller, chiropractic medicine represents a vital balance between anatomical specificity (knowing exactly which structures in your body may need attention) and holistic philosophy (treating the whole person, opposed to just a symptom).
Andrew Teller was born in Florida to two teachers who instilled within him a passion for incessant learning and a fundamental need to empower others by sharing useful knowledge with as many people as possible. After receiving a B.A. in psychology from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, he worked in the field of alternative education while completing his prerequisites for chiropractic College. Dr. Andrew Teller graduated from the University of Western States in 2014 and has worked as a chiropractic associate at Indigo Wellness since 2017.
In his spare time, Dr. Teller enjoys experimenting with fermentation and other forms of natural preservation with his wife, Caity

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Our Chiropractic Assistant

Adriana Mendoza

Being a chiropractic assistant, I have the privilege to work with my patients in various forms. I can do soft or deep tissue massage work as well as assist with stretches that will help them recover quicker. I am also licensed to perform other modalities such as ultrasound and IFC. I am very dedicated to my profession and will always go the extra mile to make my patient feel better. Massage and holistic work have been in my family for many years and I am honored to continue this tradition for many more years.