Welcome Golf Club Members!

Put Some Spring in Your Swing!

Core Stability and Yoga for Golf
Saturday, March 13, 1-3 pm.
Indigo Wellness Center

Spring is coming and soon it will be time to dust off the clubs, but is your body ready?

The team at Indigo is here to help you do that.

Join chiropractic physicians and movement teachers Dr. Zohra Campbell and Dr. Andrew Teller for a fun, informative, and participatory class. Core strength and stability, as well as flexibility, breath control and mental focus are key components to improving your game. In this class we cover:

  • Core exercises for greater power and spinal stability
  • Stretches to increase flexibility-wrists, hips, low back, neck and upper back
  • Tools to increase consistency and accuracy
  • Body awareness and control
  • Postural awareness and how to counter act hunching and bending over
  • Breath control and relaxation under pressure

Our class will start with a basic overview of pertinent anatomy, then we will co-teach a routine that you can use everyday to improve your game. All attendees will receive a recording of this class for you to use. This class will be offered live-stream via ZOOM.  There will be time at the end of class for Q&A.

Cost for the session is $25, use the promo code SPRINGGOLF and get the session for $15 which will be applied to one of our yoga packages if you choose to join Indigo after the session.

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