Private Yoga Therapy

What is Private Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy offers you tools to navigate your own healing & transform your health & wellness.


While group yoga classes are plentiful, diverse in style, & beneficial, they cannot always meet the unique needs of the individual.  Even gentle yoga classes might be overwhelming for some beginners with specific needs.

A yoga therapy session may include, but is not limited to

  • consultation regarding expectations & limitations

  • instruction in static or dynamic postures

  • use of modified or adaptive postures

  • restful restorative postures

  • breathwork

  • guided meditation

  • relaxation.

Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs on that particular day. Yoga therapy systematically addresses a client’s physical, mental and emotional states and needs.  Individuals with specific goals can benefit greatly through targeted yoga practice above and beyond what is currently available in classrooms.

Dr. Zohra has a straightforward mission: to help you get comfortable in your body, & find peace of mind as you navigate the stressors that come with life.

Clients have received help in ways such as

  • Managing stress

  • Restoring their health, body awareness, & mobility

  • Relieving anxiety & depression

  • Feeling better with chronic pain

  • Discovering peace of mind

Indigo’s private yoga sessions uses a blend of rehabilitative exercises to re-educate muscles & gain greater mobility, therapeutic classic asana to strengthen/stabilize, & breathwork & meditation to downregulate the nervous system & help reduce stress.

This healing modality is beneficial for all ages, from the high-performance athlete to those recovering from injury or want to prevent injury.