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Yoga Classes and Workshops

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Due to scheduling concerns, cancellation policies are now in place for both the In-studio classes and the Live Stream classes:

In-Studio classes must be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to the start of class this allows other students to fill vacant spots.

Live Stream classes must be cancelled at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

Class reservations may be cancelled online by logging into your MBO account (the link is above). Failure to cancel a class will result in your being charged for the class as if you had attended.


From drop-in classes to full-time yoga memberships, we offer flexibility for your yoga practice.

We also offer private yoga classes with Dr. Zohra Campbell.

  • $85/Session for 1
  • $75/Session for 3
  • $65/Session for 5

Expert Instructors

Amy Morency

Hi, I’m Amy! And yes, that’s a monkey on my shoulder. When I was young, I discovered a passion for ballet. It became my life, joy and solace for over 15 years. I fully embraced the art of dance; using movement as an expression of myself. After dancing, I moved towards my deep love for animals and became a zookeeper. Building relationships and caring for wild animals was more fulfilling than I could have hoped for. Years later, and here we are with yoga. It is the perfect conduit to combine a love for movement of the body with connection to all living things. As both a yoga student and instructor, I feel extremely privileged to experience and share the many benefits yoga offers to the body and soul. I enjoy practicing and teaching a blend of Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga. My classes are designed to challenge and inspire others to find their own path to an extraordinary life.

Anya Wise

Bio coming soon!

Andrew Teller D.C

For Dr. Teller, chiropractic medicine represents a vital balance between anatomical specificity (knowing exactly which structures in your body may need attention) and holistic philosophy (treating the whole person, opposed to just a symptom). Andrew Teller was born in Florida to two teachers who instilled within him a passion for incessant learning and a fundamental need to empower others by sharing useful knowledge with as many people as possible. After receiving a B.A. in psychology from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, he worked in the field of alternative education while completing his pre requisites for chiropractic College. Dr. Andrew Teller graduated from the University of Western States in 2014 and has worked as a chiropractic associate at Indigo Wellness since 2017. In his spare time, Dr. Teller enjoys experimenting with fermentation and other forms of natural preservation with his wife, Caity

Caroline Thomas

Caroline Thomas has been a certified yoga trainer since 2009, having been introduced to it through the Dean Ornish program. This is a wholistic approach to heart health, and has been the foundation of her work with patients recovering from cardiac operations. Yoga is a key component to help reduce stress in patients while also improving fitness and flexibility.
She earned her 200-hour teacher training certification from Yoga H’om studio and again from the Himalayan Institute, both in Pittsburgh, PA. She incorporates teachings from both programs when creating her Hatha classes, crafting well-balanced sequences that address strength and flexibility in all major muscle groups. Caroline always concludes her classes with a relaxing Sivasana.

Christine Wilson

Christine is certified to teach yoga through the Yoga Alliance. She began her 200-hour teacher training under Zohra, yoga teacher trainer and chiropractor, at Indigo who gave her a solid foundation in safe alignment, anatomy and yoga philosophy. She completed her certification online during the pandemic of 2020, rounding out her training with a focus on energy, self-care and intuitive vinyasa. Her goal as a teacher is to make yoga accessible, doable and engaging for people who just don’t see themselves as “bendy” enough to even try. 

Her education has continued with workshops in Yoga for Trauma and PTSD, Embodied Social Justice, the Biology of Breathing for Trauma, Yoga for At-Risk Youth and those who are in Recovery. She is currently working to complete her 500-hour certification with Yoga 4 Love. She shares a practice that has not only given her physical relief, balance and strength but also, as an unintended but welcome side effect, helped her find harmony, clarity and alleviation from anxiety.

Kate Villwock

I specialize in teaching gentle-styled yoga that is all bodies inclusive. I love to encourage my students to honor the body they inhabit and discern its natural intelligence. I emphasize safe alignment and gentle transitions infused with sweet reminder for self-trust. The body will always communicate to you what it needs most. It desires to be felt and known. In practice, I want others to lean comfortably into their capacity for radical self-acceptance and self-compassion. While I take these practices to heart, I also can’t help but be me…imperfectly human…sometimes silly or weird, but almost always smiling and sending out vibes of kindness and love. Whether you are experiencing movement limitations, pain, or the challenging obstacles of just being human, I will hold a sacred space for you to find your way towards healing.
My vision is to empower others to heal themselves and their lives with this practice. I am incredibly passionate about this practice because of its powerful ability to transform bodies and lives. It inspires us to look deep within ourselves. We find that all we need is already within, we must simply turn inward and embrace it.

Kathryn Kelley

Bio coming soon!

Kaye Floyd

Yoga is my passion! Since I stepped on the mat more than10 years ago, it’s been a vital part of my life. Yoga has helped me grow stronger, both on and off the mat. I want to share that passion with others. The best way to share my passion is by teaching. Currently, my focus is Restorative Yoga, which seeks to provide physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props; alignment based Hatha yoga, using postures (asanas) breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. Additionally, I teach Chair Yoga specifically designed for people with physical limitations due to injury, age, uncertain balance or perhaps recovering from an illness.
I completed teacher training at Lundberg Yoga, associated with Gudmestad Yoga in Portland. In addition, I completed a twenty hour course aimed at Boomers and Seniors using a chair as a yoga prop. I will always be a student of yoga and am deeply grateful for the wisdom and kindness my teachers have shared with me.

Kristel Wonderly

Hey there! I am the awkward yogini. I am a grateful, klutzy, beautiful, awkward, kind hearted, sometimes fog brained, plus sized, yogini! I also live with chronic pain from several health issues. Yoga has been such a gift. When I started in ’08, I could only do a handful of classes a YEAR. In ’16, I overcame some pain issues and added more yoga. It helped me improve even more. After a few months I made one of the best decisions ever for myself. I became RYT2oo certified!
It is a life changing process! Yoga helps me physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When pain hits, I can run thru just a few poses for a few minutes, and the pain greatly lessens. The Pranayama helps my anxiety, hot flashes, and monkey mind. Attending and teaching keeps me connected to the sangha, the community, and the spirituality of the practice. It helps me feel that connection to others, that we are truly all one and in this together. It helps me sit with things I dont enjoy sitting with, like my body. Yoga has brought me face to face with my plus size, painful body, and helps me accept who I am….Where I am….As I am. It helps me see my experiences more clearly and compassionately.

Maddie Lowen

I was first drawn to yoga to help with my chronic back pain, and continued to practice when it proved just as helpful for my chronic perfectionism. With a background as both a gymnast and a mental health therapist, I see yoga as a holistic practice for physical, mental, and spiritual health. I completed my 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainings in Portland, Oregon, and my 85-hour prenatal yoga training in Boulder, CO. Through these experiences, I learned to embrace yoga as a practice for all people, regardless of background, physical fitness, skill level, age, or philosophical beliefs.

My background and experience include a Master’s degree in Marriage, Couples & Family Counseling; 500 hours of yoga teacher training plus 85 hours of prenatal-specific yoga training; specialized training in pelvic floor health, postpartum core health, and postpartum yoga; and childbirth educator training. During my classes and workshops, you can expect a physical challenge, safe alternatives for all students, witty humor (that at least I think is funny), and an authentic sense of compassion for every student.

Michael Steinke

As a life long student of the healing arts I believe that within each of us exists the innate ability to heal ourselves and our surroundings. It is an ambition of mine to assist others in discovering and refining this ability. I am playful in my activities, utilizing and challenging my body in physical ways. I enjoy bicycling, unicycling, hiking, white water rafting, contact juggling, and sideways sports, to name a few. Don’t be surprised to find me scaling a wall or swinging from a tree. I am interested in community gardens and promoting edible urban landscapes. I believe it a virtue to be intimately involved with the food we grow, prepare, and eat. I am excited to share with others on the path of self discovery. In my classes I will encourage practitioners to challenge their bodies physically to create strength, while surrendering to their energies, discovering openness. The mind is amazing. Led by imagination there is no limit to what we may experience. Namaste.

Michelle Chuning

Hello, I’m Michelle Chuning. I have been teaching for over 3 years. I completed my YTT-200 training in 2016 at Indigo with ECUs in Yoga for PISD, Yoga for Trauma, Trauma Informed Brain Sensitive Yoga, and Warrior Yoga for kids. I find that I rely on the skills learned on the mat to navigate the work I do with both children and yogis.
Whether I’m offering my $5 Warrior Yoga for PTSD, my flow practice, or filling in for another teacher, my practices are presented with a light heart (no need to take ourselves too seriously), a joyous spirit (after all we woke up on the right side of the grass today!), and always trauma sensitive for all yogis.

Noel Uribe

I am a student of life, fiber artist, photographer and mother of two beautiful soul awakeners. I was introduced to the practice while in middle school by the most wonderful light of a woman during a ballet class. I think she saved my life in some ways. Yoga has been a place of rest, growth and healing for both my mind and body. Having come from a place of childhood trauma and homelessness during my high school years, this practice has allowed me to find my feet and keep going. I was able to graduate as valedictorian and made it to college where I studied art history and microbiology. Who choses a major anyway? A quote from my one of my favorite books, “The Body Keeps Score” by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, describes what I think yoga gifts to us – “In order to recover and heal, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past….”. Yoga has allowed me to release the tyranny of my past and it continues to help me deal with all the emotions/sensations that come with it. I hope to share this with as many people as possible. We all have inner work to do and I hope yoga can be a match that sparks the fire of healing for you. It was a dream come true to complete the YTT program with the amazing Dr. Zohra at Indigo Wellness Center in January of 2019. I’m honored to share my practice with you. Breath deep.

Sarah Hillman

I discovered Pilates while my mother was taking lessons as a part of her physical therapy program. I was so amazed at how this one movement system was not only rehabbing my moms body but her overall mind/body connection. I loved that it was accessible to all body types and fitness levels. At the time I was a professional photographer and teaching at George Fox University and left behind camera bodies for the human body. I knew I still loved to teach so it still felt so right to make the leap. As a teacher I am still a constant student. I am constantly trying to learn and grow myself as a better teacher to better my students experience in class. I am passionate about teaching the classical Pilates method and teaching my students to feel it in there own bodies and use it not just in mat class but take those Pilates principals into their everyday lives for better ease of movement. I am comprehensively trained in the classical style of Pilates in all levels on all the equipment through master instructor Dorothee Vandewalle. I am also certified through Peak Pilates and am a level three Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Stefanie Knowlton

I started practicing yoga in college more than 20 years ago, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was in a car accident. Yoga helped ease my pain and strengthen my muscles in a way that nothing else did. I learned about balance, listening to my body and calming my mind. By the end of each practice, I felt a sense of peace and had a smile on my face. The only thing better is seeing that same look on my students’ faces. Yoga is such a gift, and I am grateful to share it. I graduated from the Indigo Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. I teach classes that focus on strength, balance and breathing techniques. I also love to dance, and I both perform and teach bellydance. I hope to merge these two passions sometime soon. Bellydance yoga? Yes.

Zohra Campbell D.C.

Zohra makes yoga accessible to EVERY body, whatever your starting point. With precise alignment, connection to breath, humor and piercing honesty, she guides you on a journey into your optimal, true self. Through a career of teaching yoga and clinical Chiropractic practice of doing body work for more than 26 years, Zohra feels more excited every day about helping people find and release the patterns and fears that hold them back- whether physical or emotional.
Zohra is passionate about helping and encouraging people to unwind and alleviate tight, painful, and restricted areas of their bodies. Drawing on her yoga training in styles from Iyengar, Anusara, and Trauma-Informed yoga, along with her strong focus on anatomy, clinical chiropractic experience, and spinal rehabilitation, she makes the benefits of yoga accessible to every student.
As lead teacher of the Indigo 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, she has instructed dozens of new Yoga teachers in precise alignment principles and yoga philosophy.
Working with Zohra, either in a yoga session or as a Chiropractic patient, will help you overcome restrictions in your physical body – fascia, posture, muscular imbalances and in your mind – your thoughts, your habits, your perceived limitations. The most current studies in neuroscience reveal how these practices help us develop and maintain neuroplasticity-the ability to change and find healthier ways of navigating the challenges we face in our lives. This is the essence of Zohra’s teaching: blending the wisdom and wonder of yoga (yoga therapy, asana, pranayama, kundalini, mindfulness) with the science of physical medicine (chiropractic, functional rehabilitation, myofascial release). When you are balanced, healthy, and strong, you can be there as a lighthouse of strength and vitality for those around you.