We are pleased to have the following licensed massage therapists as part of the Indigo Wellness Center family.

To avoid cancellation fees, we kindly ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
Appointments cancelled WITHOUT a 24hour notice will result in a cancellation fee.  Cancellation fees will be FULL price of the service scheduled.  Your card on file will be charged.  If payment isn’t received after 120 days, you will be sent to collections.
This ensures that our service providers are fairly compensated for their time. Thank you for understanding.

Certified Massage Therapists

Massage Pricing: 

30 min relaxation – $55

45 min relaxation – $80

60 min relaxation – $95

90 min relaxation – $130

 Therapeutic/deep tissue/problem focused – $85

Therapeutic/deep tissue/problem focused – $110

Therapeutic/deep tissue/problem focused – $125

Therapeutic/deep tissue/problem focused – $145

Anita Roa

Anita Roa


I have extensive knowledge of the human body; whether it be for relaxation or a more complex issue of pain. I will use a variety of techniques to be effective. I am classically trained in both Shiatsu and Swedish massage. I have a strong understanding of Kinesiology.  I take the therapeutic approach to reducing stress  and relieving pain. My mission is to use my skills to improve the quality of life for all my clients.
Bill Wolf

Bill Wolf


I love the connection I make when tending to my clients to relieve their pain and stress. Whether a sports injury, dysfunction from trauma or disease, chronic pain, or prenatal massage, I get strong satisfaction from providing a positive effect in my clients’ lives. I love that massage engages my body. I use the strength in my hands to provide a firm nurturing touch. I also love that massage is always engaging my mind. Each client is a new puzzle to solve, uncovering layers from past injuries and life’s stresses and traumas to return to a state of ease. There are always new techniques to learn, new courses to take to continue to grow in my profession. Most of all I love that massage allows for me to connect with my clients in a way that traditional doctors or even physical therapists cannot. I connect with my client’s energy through my hands, and my heart. These connections with my clients are the passion that drives me forward in my career.

Logan Calahan

Logan Calahan


I have been an LMT since 2012. I have many specialties including Structural Integration, fire cupping, Shiatsu and other clothing-on modalities.

For restoring function I specialize in Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, assisted stretching and other manual therapy techniques to work through scar tissue, recover from injuries, and improve strength and mobility.

I’ve worked for 4 years in addiction recovery and pain management massage, and as well as feel-good relaxation massage, I strive to build a better mind-body-soul connection in all my work.

While I cannot promise to improve your golf swing, my practice in sports and dance massage has me well suited to help maximize your potential.

I would love to join your team of wellness providers to help you get the most out of yourself and your life.

Doug Fanyak

Doug Fanyak


Licensed since 2012, I work with all persons across the life spectrum. Those experiencing aging issues to pre/post natal care. Desk workers to ultra-athletes. Any pain level to deep relaxation and/or unwinding. An extensive knowledge of the science of bodywork, seasoned practical experience and a love of the “work” guides my practice.

Whether your world is rosy or challenging, with 11 years of experience, multiple modalities and attuned ability to listen to you and your body, I can assist you in self-healing.
Relaxation, therapeutic to include a specific clinical approach needed? Strong to light pressure? Both? Let’s work together using all tools available to address your needs.
Please consider me to assist you with your healing journey.



My name is Adriana. I have been a chiropractic assistant since 2014. I am currently going to the Oregon School of Massage for my massage license, but can work on clients who have seen one of our Chiropractic doctors. Body work has been in my family for many generations. My grandmother passed on her love for the care and wellbeing of others to me and I hope to carry along this tradition to many more generations. I work on problem focused areas and trigger point work. I also like to include light stretching, traction, and other modalities with the treatment as needed. I believe Chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage are the perfect trio to help resolve stress, automotive injuries, previous injury pain, and post op issues. Care and consistency can do wonders for the body and mind.

The following massage therapists are independent contractors here at Indigo Wellness Center.  They schedule their own clients and can be booked via the links in the bios or by contacting them directly via phone or email.

Amy Williams

I graduated from Salem’s Oregon School of Massage in 2003.  I have enjoyed providing the Salem area with quality massage care ever since! I adapt each session to the client and what they are needing that day. I help people recover from injuries with deep tissue and trigger point work but also can give them a deeply relaxing experience with different techniques if they prefer . I really enjoy working on necks and shoulders or any area that is troubling you. I have my own private practice inside Indigo Wellness Center right on the edge of downtown Salem.


Kristel Wonderly

Healthy Investment Medical Massage
Anti Racist

I believe in alternative medicine, and use it to manage my own chronic health concerns. Since starting my practice in ’04-05, I’ve gained both medical massage and spa experience. Medical Massage (MVA and chronic/acute injury recovery in particular) is my focus. MVA, chronic or acute pain whether from a recent injury or chronic pain from old injuries or Migraines, Fibromyalgia, strokes, Lupus, MS for example, can greatly benefit from massage. Improved range of motion and reducing pain levels are some of the greatest benefits. I also love providing relaxation, Pre Natal (side lying or with body cushions to lay prone), and Foot Reflexology. I am RYT200 certified, so I often go through yoga poses to strengthen or stretch areas in need. I do not do “only deep tissue” massage. I only use deep tissue in an area of need, Myofascial Release affects deep tissue without the need for excessive pressure.

Training in:
Myofascial Release (Anatomy Trains….This is a favorite!)
PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation….another fav!)
Trigger Point
Lymphatic Drainage
Cultural Inclusivity
Holistic Health for Transgender Clients (courses 1 & 2)

Kristel requires payment directly at time of appointment, online payment not available.
Please contact me directly at 503-749-2199 to schedule.

Vicki McLean

Certified Medical Massage

Vicki has been practicing since May of 2006. Her training has emphasized soft tissue issues resulting from illness, accidents, repetitive motion injuries and from movement that is not ideal; however, she also provides relaxation massage. Vicki has contracts with a number of insurance companies and provides services to individuals covered by motor vehicle insurance. If your medical insurance covers massage therapy, please contact me to establish whether or not I am contracted with your company.


If you would like to discuss massage for you, please call or text or phone 503-910-0983 or email poogs_house@msn.com

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